Gayzetta Flyer 2000When I was a toddler, Mom says she’d watch me giggle in my crib as I reached for and jabbered at something she couldn’t see.

I don’t have those memories. But I have felt guided throughout my life.

I’ve always known that difficult circumstances and unexpected changes in my life would turn out for the best. And in hindsight, they always did.

Call it faith or intuition or whatever you want—I truly believe Guardian Angels exist and that they surround us as we live our lives.

Our Angels want us to be happy!

Sometimes though, daily stress and problems make happiness seem elusive. Our Angels are available to guide us through those times. We only need to ask for their help.

After years of study and research, and after successfully completing the Angel Card Reader certification course, I’ve developed the ability to tap into Angel Guidance.

I use a combination of oracle card interpretation and my own intuition to help you find answers to your life problems by asking your Angels for guidance.

Let me help you find your happiness.

Order your online reading today!

All readings are $40 paid in advance. Once your order is received, I’ll send a confirmation via email along with instructions (ex: name, birthday, specific question, etc.) Please allow up to 48 hours after returning the completed instructions to receive your personal messages from your Angels. 

Angel Blessings for a Wonder-full Life!

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2 thoughts on “Gayzetta”

  1. Dear Gayzetta,
    Thank you for my Angel Card reading last week. I must admit that at first I was skeptical, but the reading shed light on areas of my current situation that I couldn’t see. The sudden loss of my job, while at first seemed devastating, has opened up opportunities that I hadn’t had time for nor the idea of being possible. I have confidence that all will work out to my best and highest good and am excited about the doors that are opening for me. I look forward to the new path that is being revealed to me and hope to check back in with you periodically for fine tuning from my Angels.


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